Michel Moyse//Artistic Director

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Michel Moyse

Michel Moyse is an artist, filmmaker, and teacher who started the Center for Digital Art in 1996. His extensive background in film and video dates back to 1963, when – after graduating from nearby Marlboro College – Michel went to work as a sound editor in New York City under various feature film directors, including Woody Allen, Brian De Palma, Peter Yates, Otto Preminger and Alan Pakula.  Michel brought his industry experience to a career in film and video production as Co-Founder and Vice President of Domlin Films, an acquisition and development company based in New York, and Founder and President of MLM Studios, a Vermont-based video production company.

Throughout his career, Michel has been a working artist with a vested passion for experimental art and video. His early work with oils, canvas, plastic and glass brought him to New York University where he earned his Masters in Art Education in 1968. In the 1980s, with the advent of computers and digital technologies, Michel’s work took a decisive turn towards what he now calls ‘motionpainting,’ a series of digital artwork that explodes the concept of traditional two-dimensional art through the addition of motion, sound and narrative elements.

His video work includes “The Runner, ” an experimental narrative projected over nine screens. “The Runner” was included in the 8th Biennial of Moving Images at the Center for Contemporary Images in Geneva, and was also selected for the Northampton Film Festival in 1996 and screened at the Stratton Arts Festival in 1994. Michel’s experimental film, “Cowards,” which has a narrative projected between two screens, won First Prize in the Experimental Category from the New England Film and Video Festival in Boston in 2002. Michel lives and works in Brattleboro, Vermont.

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