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The Center for Digital Art is an educational organization, resource center, exhibition/performance space dedicated to the creation, presentation and appreciation of art works achieved through the use of new and evolving video and computer-based technologies.   Our goal is to create an environment where students, participants and artists can harness the synergy between art education and art exhibition to engage and inspire our community and promote the creation and appreciation of new work.

Classes and workshops at CDA use digital art as a platform to teach a comprehensive understanding both of the language of visual art and the importance of its role in a responsible society.  On-going public exhibitions provide a forum for artists whose work exemplifies excellence and demonstrates a strong independent vision extending beyond the traditional forms, and participants are immersed in an environment of exhibiting artists and professionals who demonstrate that creativity, critical thinking and computer art skills have become indispensable tools to 21st century careers.

The Center for Digital Art is dedicated to graduating future generations of such individuals.

CDA opened the doors of its 2,000 square-foot loft in Brattleboro in 1997 so local high school students could have a chance to discover two then-very-new filmmaking tools: digital video and computer editing software. This course marked the beginning of a partnership with Brattleboro Union High School and the Windham Regional Career Center that has given generations of students from BUHS and surrounding schools a chance to explore the fundamentals of filmmaking.

Our high school students have worked individually and in groups to create short films, documentaries, and animations. Several of our classes have created feature-length films.

Recently we have added digital media and art courses for local artists, and professional development workshops for educators.

Through the years we have maintained our posture on the cutting edge of digital media tools. Students in our high school courses and participants in our workshops have the opportunity to learn not just digital filmmaking and editing, but computer and graphic animation, graphic design, sound mixing, music production, and interactive media applications. Our students shoot in high-definition video, work on iMacs, and use the highest quality up-to-date software available to us, including Abode Premier, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and MaxMSP Runtime.

Center for Digital Art is a nonprofit, 501(c)3 organization.

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