Words and Video 2011

In the fall of 2010 and again in 2011, CDA collaborated with Write Action and the Brattleboro Literary Festival to present an exhibition of videoart that explores the intersection of video and poetry or prose.

The 2011 exhibit featured individual works inspired by the writing of local Brattleboro authors.

Collaborating videographers and writers follow, with the videographers in each collaboration named first:
Michel Moyse with A. A. Burrows; Michael Hanish with Jim Kates and Bill Pearson; Humberto Ramirez with Arlene Distler; Robert O’Connor and Ashley Watson with Tamsin Whitehead and sound artist Matt Page; Jen Morris with Emily Anderson; Norton Garber with Tom Ragle, whose pen name is Lee Bramble; and Kathy Couch with Haiku Analog, a group composed of Kathy Couch (visual artist, writer, and performer), Katherine Ferrier (poet, choreographer, and performer), and Vicki Brown (musician and sound artist).