Multi-Media Installation “The person you are trying to reach…”

Screen shot 2014-09-15 at 2.38.53 PMOn October 17th (5:30 to 7:30pm) and 18th (3:00 to 6:00pm) the Center for Digital Art will host multimedia artist Norton Garber, Garber will present a weekend site-specific installation at the Center for Digital Art’s third floor loft at the Cotton Mill in Brattleboro. A Vermont native for over three decades, Garber has worked on video/sound installations and performances for the past twenty years.

Garber’s new piece at CDA, entitled “The person you are trying to reach…,” he describes as a “post-apocalyptic meditation on the world around us…it is about being connected and disconnected. It is about the stewardship of our planet.” The work has seven independent and interconnected elements including live projected streaming video from across the globe and sound that moves along the wall and erupts from many different places in the room.

Garber’s work with sound recordings and video began in the ‘70s when experimental sound projects by artists like John Cage inspired him to shift his attention from classical music to free improvisation. With this shift to experimental music, Garber also began collaborating with movement, painting, and moving images into multi-faceted performances. These often spontaneous performances soon grew into the more formal video art and interactive installation work Garber practices today.

Recently Garber’s audio work with ambient and sampled sound has included collaborative performances in New York City (Spectrum, Muchmores) and Vermont (Vermont Jazz Center, and Loggia Studios.) Over the past ten years he’s also developed a series of hands-on workshops for learning impaired teens on the neuropsychology of learning.

The installation “The person you are trying to reach…” will be open to the public at The Center for Digital Art on Friday, October 17th from 5:30PM – 7:30PM and on Saturday, October 18th from 3PM – 6PM. For more information on Garber and examples of his work, visit The Center for Digital Art is a nonprofit, educational organization, resource center, and exhibition/performance space located on the third floor of the Cotton Mill at 72 Cotton Mill Hill in Brattleboro. For more information on classes or events at CDA, visit