“The Runner”


“The Runner” is a one-hour experimental videoart work about a jogger harassed by three louts on a lonely country road.  Based on a story written by James Tabor, it explores personal alienation and the havoc wrought by Corporate Capitalism and greed through the exploration of various levels of violence in our society, both personal and social.

Created during a film/video workshop given in the summer of 1991 and edited over the next two years with a linear ABR editing system on 3/4 inch tape, “The Runner” was conceived to play on nine synchronized master source tapes aligned to be viewed on a facsimile 3X3 videowall.  “The Runner” was featured at the Stratton Arts Festival in 1994 and the Northampton Festival in 1996, and selected for inclusion in the 8th Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement at the Center for the Contemporary Image in Geneva, Switzerland in 1999.

Presentation:  3X3 videowall playing on nine television monitors or projection screens.  The individual screens are fed by 9 s-vhs tape decks synchronized through timecode.