Climate Protection

Climate Protection Public Service Announcement

Many CDA students turn their lenses toward local organizations to shoot a short promotional piece. This is a public service announcement for the Cities for Climate Protection. Directed by CDA student Josh Tilsdon in 2001. Produced by the Center for Digital Art/Windham Regional Career Center

Violet Life

Violet Life

A female figure is born is this short clay animation piece made by CDA students Joey Sawyer-Shaw & Ryan Burch in 2011. Produced by the Center For Digital Art/Windham Regional Career Center.



The creation of the 2006 Advanced Filmmaking Class at the Center for Digital Art, Delusion is the story of an anxious young professional whose life turned upside down when his search for answers in the suicide of a mysterious and secretive coworker uncovers a conspiracy at work. Written & Directed …

About Joanne

About Joanne

A short documentary piece on Joanne Borden, a transgender woman living in Vermont. Directed by CDA student Seth Blair in 2012. Produced by the Center for Digital Art/Windham Regional Career Center.

Silver & Sage

Silver and Sage

Sock puppet shenanigans ensue in this short film written & directed by CDA student Annabelle Kidson. Produced by the Center for Digital Art/Windham Regional Career Center in 2012.

Advanced Filmmaking Class

2005 – 2008 Advanced Filmmaking Class

From 2005-2008, the Center for Digital Art offered an Advanced Filmmaking Class to WRCC students who had successfully completed the Introductory Filmmaking/Digital Editing Class. All students in the course worked together on one feature-length film as a group, each with different roles for the screenwriting, production and editing processes. Each …

Degas C'est Moi

Degas C’est Moi

An old favorite from the 2003 Introductory Filmmaking/Digital Editing Class, Degas C’est Moi is adapted from the David Ives play of the same name, where an ordinary man wakes up knowing that he is the famous painter Edgar Degas, at least for today. Degas C’est Moi won the Special Judges …