Brattleboro Museum & Arts Center’s “Portraits, Expanded”

1897687_727811603965868_6994608296689816606_nCDA’s Artistic Director, Michel Moyse will be showing his work at the Brattleboro Museum & Art Center’s upcoming exhibition “Portraits, Expanded”. The exhibit opened on Saturday, Nov. 1st and runs through March 7th, 2015, more information can be found at

Documentary video, like film, is an immersive experience that unfolds over time. Unlike most films and video documentaries, however, most art videos are not embedded with a strong narrative structure. Michel Moyse’s three-channel Motion Painting: Carol Wincenc is a portrait, not a documentary. A world-renowned flutist, Wincenc appears in snippets of an interview with Moyse. An audio track of her flute playing forms a soundscape. Abstract colors and marks—sometimes syncopated, other times melodic, still others contrapuntal—dominate the viewing area. These are Moyse’s brushstrokes, unfolding, overlapping, obscuring, and revealing his vision of Wincenc and her music.